Cortisol, Insulin & Obesity
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Cortisol, Insulin & Obesity


Excess glucose that is not used for physical activity circulates in the bloodstream. Muscle and other cells that do not need the glucose reject it, causing an increase in insulin production. This further de-sensitizes cells to insulin, causing insulin resistance. Excess glucose is excreted through the kidneys and can cause kidney damage or failure. Insulin resistance is often a precursor of pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes are conditions that can be reversed with lifestyle changes as well as supplements.


One in four Americans American are clinically obese. Obesity accounts for over 300,000 preventable deaths each year in the U.S. Obesity is responsible for a variety of malignant and degenerative diseases. Excess and abnormal fat tissues produce damaging chemicals. Obesity is as deleterious to health as cigarette smoking. Obese people are more prone to certain types of cancers including cancers of the uterus, gall bladder, cervix, ovary, breast, colon, pancreas, rectum and prostate.

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