Cortisol Testing & Monitoring -

Cortisol Testing & Monitoring

Aeron LifeCycles Clinical LaboratoryThe Aeron LifeCycles Clinical Laboratory is located in California. Aeron is a nationally licensed clinical laboratory performing testing of non-invasive body fluids such as saliva and urine. The measurement of cortisol in saliva has been well established in clinical studies and preferred over blood because of the convenience and need of early morning specimen collection.

The “Cortisol Connection” discounted fee for salivary cortisol testing is $30 for each test plus $12.95 flat rate for shipping.

A laboratory mailer to collect saliva will be sent to your home or business. Sample collection involves chewing a piece of sugarless gum, spitting into a tube and mailing the sample in a postage pre-paid envelope (foreign postage required) to the laboratory. Test results are available in 7 to 10 days from receipt of sample. Elevated cortisol levels may reveal a possible connection between stress and weight gain.

Clients in New York and California will require a medical provider approval for testing. All other locations may request testing directly from the laboratory. All major credit cards are accepted.

Knowing Your Cortisol Level is Important:

A single early morning salivary cortisol level may help reveal whether your stress levels are excessive and possibly related to body fat accumulation.

An elevated cortisol level is not something you can immediately feel. If it is elevated for too long, over a period of months or years for example, you may begin to feel a drain of vitality. Besides impacting the immune system, fertility, and bone health, the list of the risks of high cortisol levels grows longer. Studies demonstrate that elevated cortisol can lead to abdominal weight gain, loss of verbal declarative memory (words, names, and numbers), insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes and the early onset of dementia.

Call Aeron LifeCycles Clinical Laboratory if you have any questions about the salivary cortisol test. 1.800.631.7900 (extension 0 for customer service). Or visit their website at

For more information about testing your cortisol level, and/or to order a cortisol test kit, please email: or call: 1.877.396.5383.

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